Forestry Mulching



  Forestry Mulching is a land clearing technique used to remove small trees, brush, and briars. It is much faster and more efficient than other methods such as hand clearing with a chainsaw or clearing with a bulldozer,  with these methods you are also left with a pile of brush that will need to be either burned or chipped. Forestry mulching is a one step process that requires only one man and one machine. Our machine will clear anything up to 8" in diameter and turn it into a fine mulch that is left on the ground. The machine is perfect for tasks such as... 


  •  Clearing Over Grown Fields
  • Cleaning over grown stonewalls
  • Invasive spacies management
  • clearing houselots
  • Maintaining/ making trails
  • clearing fence lines
  • clearing houselots
  • road maintanance
  • ROW mainanance
  • Forest thinning


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